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2011 By The Numbers…

Published on February 1, 2012 by in PMT

A company I work for that does a thing each year where during planning sessions they layout what was achieved that year in numbers.  Hence the name ‘By The Numbers’.  As I was looking at the statistics for the year and considering some of the new moves we have planned for 2012 I thought it might be interesting to sum up our numbers for the year.  Note that its not quite a full year since we didn’t really get started until about May of 2011.

We had over 6,200 unique visitors last year with a total of over 18,700 visits. 

There were 201,945 pages viewed which amounted to 343,271 hits and just over 7.41 gigabytes of data.

Almost 20% of our users viewed the site for an hour at a time.

Our highest month for visitors was December with 889 unique visiting us over 2,700 times and downloading a gigabyte of data.

Our visitors come from over 25 countries around the world with the top five being the United States, Canada, Germany, Ukraine and Russian Federation. 

For search engines Google crawled us the most followed by Yahoo, Alexa and then MSN.

Finally for our applications….

Injection Tracker was downloaded 2,908 times or about 8 times per day.

Pain Management Tracker was download 1,748 times with a average of 5 times per day.

I find that to be an excellent set of numbers for our first year.  Especially since we spent more time developing then marketing.  We had absolutely no advertising budget and relied solely on word of mouth.

We have enlisted the help of RegNow to support our purchasing system as well as to assist us with their large affiliate network.  We look forward to making 2012 a banner year for Pain Management Tracker!

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