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Home Awareness A programmers work is never done.

A programmers work is never done.

I find that one of the hardest parts about developing software is, it’s never complete; there is always one more feature I want to add. I constantly see an optimization that would make it so much faster or a feature that my users have devised that would take it to the next level. When it comes to Pain Management Tracker, I’m constantly adding new features. I really believe in PMT and I really believe it can help you.

I’ve suffered with daily chronic pain for over six years now and I’m always thinking of more ways to have Pain Management Tracker (PMT) help me be smarter about my pain. For example, when I added Actions to PMT it was so that I could really look at what I did during the day and how it made my pain better or worse. With all the details I entered, I found out when it was best for me to commute to work, what my best hours for work were, and when resting gave me the most relief. Now, I’m almost finished putting together a “report” feature. This will allow users to look at all their information at a glance.

Life is already expensive, even before you add a problem that brings pain at chronic levels. For less than the price of one average medicine co-pay you can have a piece of software that helps manage your pain like never before. Your investment in PMT today will bring you a unique software package that will be updated frequently with new features that aim for one goal: reducing your pain!


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