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Pain Management Tracker

In 2010, after spending 5 years managing his pain through pain management appointments, Kevin knew there was a need for better patient/doctor communication. When he went to his monthly appointments, he had to fill out the same forms (estimating his pain levels, side effects, current medicine list, etc.). While filling out his forms, he found it difficult to recall information that occurred over the span of 4 weeks. In order to provide more accurate information, Kevin bought a notebook so he could track pain levels and side effects throughout the day. This led to the creation of Pain Management Tracker. While using his program, he found the monthly forms easier to answer because he had a daily record of his pain. With his detailed monthly report and his physicians help, they were able to make changes which improved Kevin’s pain levels. Since using his own program, Kevin has reduced his pain, allowing him to live a more fulfilling life. He hopes others will use this program and experience pain relief too.