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Home Blogroll Celebrities that suffer with chronic pain

Celebrities that suffer with chronic pain

Abdul, Paula – American Idol, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 
Affleck, Ben – Armageddon, migraines
Allen, Debbie – So You Think You Can Dance, sciatica in lower back
Anastacia – singer, Crohn’s Disease
Ball, Lucille – I Love Lucy, rheumatoid Arthritis
Benirschke, Rolf – NFL, ulcerative colitis
Carter, Lynda – Wonder Woman, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Clooney, George – Ocean’s Eleven, spinal cord tear
Cross, Marcia – Desperate Housewives, migraines
Conley, Chris – Saves The Day singer/guitarist, Crohn’s Disease
Derek, Bo – Tarzan, the Ape Man, herniated disc
Doherty, Shannen – 90210, Crohn’s Disease
Duffy, Karen – VJ on MTV, neurosarcoidosis
Eggert, Nicole – Baywatch, back pain from broken vertebrae
Favre, Brett – NFL, bone spurs in ankle
Fox, Michael J. – Family Ties, Parkinson’s Disease
Griffith, Melanie – Working Girl, chronic knee pain
Hamill, Dorothy – US figure skater, osteoarthritis
Hastings, Michael James, The West Wing, fibromyalgia
Houston, Allen – NBA player, chronic knee pain
Innes, Laura – ER, swelling/muscle aches in her joints
Jackson, Michael – Thriller, chronic pain
JFK, US President, back pain, colitis, Addison’s Disease
Krylova, Anjelika – Figure Skater, spine/neck pain
Lacombe, Normand – NFL, constant shin splints
Lewis, Jerry – Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, back pain
Mac, Bernie – The Bernie Mac Show, sarcoidosis
Maguire, Tobey – Spider-Man, back pain
McDonough, Mary The Waltons, lupus, fibromyalgia
Monroe, Earl – NBA, back, knee, and hip pain
Monroe, Marilyn – Some Like It Hot, endometriosis
Roberts, Doris – Everybody Loves Raymond, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
Rogan, Joe Fear Factor, Crohn’s Disease
Smith, Anna Nicole, Playboy playmate, chronic pain
Stallone, Sylvester – Rocky, knee pain
Taylor, Elizabeth – Cleopatra, back pain
Theismann, Joe – retired Redskins quarterback, chronic joint pain
Thomas, Marisol (wife of Rob Thomas – Matchbox 20), lupus
Turner, Kathleen – Peggy Sue Got Married, rheumatoid arthritis
Wahl, Ken – Wiseguy, neck/back pain
William, Montel – Montel Williams show, miscellaneous pain from multiple sclerosis
Williams, Serena – tennis champion, migraines