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Injection Tracker

When you are prescribed injections, whether they are for diabetes or pain management, it is hard to remember where you had your last injection. Injection Tracker remembers for you plus it has other features.

We have two different versions depending on what your needs are. One versions tracks blood sugar levels if you are diabetic and the other version tracks pain levels if you using Injection Tracker for pain management.

Features Include:
• Glucose level/or pain level entries
• Location of next injection site
• Pop up that list next best injection site
• Tracks the date and time of injections/blood levels/pain levels
• Note section to track if injection is before/after a meal or if you want to record details about your pain level

Injection Tracker
for Diabetes

Injection Tracker
for Pain

*If you are installing on Windows Vista or Windows 7 choose to install in a folder such as My Documents or Desktop.  The Program Files folders in those versions of Windows do not allow data files which change.

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2 Responses

  1. Rod

    I’ve had a look at your program but like a lot of diabetic software coming out of the U.S. it doesn’t cater for the method the rest of the world uses for management of Blood Gloucose readings. The measurment is mmol which is the same format as used for H1c which your program doesn’t handle properly either.

    The format required is ##.##.

    Thanks for trying