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Pain Management Tracker


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Last Updated:  22 May 2011

Pain Management Tracker 5 Star RatingPain Management Tracker 5 Star RatingFree Vista FilesSoftware Downloads

Pain is difficult to manage when it’s something you fight everyday. Most of the time, you are prescribed daily medicine just to survive your pain. Spontaneous days are a thing of your past. Most activities have to be planned and are usually limited due to your constant pain.

When it comes to medicine management and your physician’s contracts, details and trust can make or break whether or not they feel you are a true pain management patient. Unfortunately, there are a few people who are seeking the drugs for diversion rather then for relief. Doctors need to know you are at your appointments for all the right reasons and that you take your care as seriously as they do.

Pain Management Tracker (PMT) was written and designed to help the doctor/patient relationship. It is helpful when you have an appointment with your doctor. When you are working on weight loss or financial change, a journal helps you realize what is working and what is not working for you. Chronic pain situations are the same. With PMT, you are able to see what increases or decreases your pain levels. Other features include:

  • imageSingle file distribution. No installation needed. Just download and run.
  • Great for a USB/memory stick if you do not have a laptop for daily entries.
  • Line graph of pain so you can track your monthly levels
  • Built around the standard pain assessment forms
  • Track medicine side effects
  • Tracks pain levels, mood, symptoms, medicines, journal entries, and more.
  • Stores questions that you want to ask your provider
  • Printable individual entries to take to your appointment


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  1. I have been suffering from chronic back pain for over 20 yrs, I’ve had 2 surguries and after the 2nd surgury failed 10 yrs ago, I’ve been on permanent disability. I’ve been looking for something like this, the ability to track my pain and meds in an all-in-one piece of software, for quite some time. I look forward to testing it out!