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Our Healthcare Costs!

Published on June 17, 2011 by in Chronic Pain

I know many people have similar costs but I’d like to share ours. I debated for awhile before sharing this. Do I really want the world to know what we pay per month? Would I upset someone by saying that our medical expenses are high when they might be paying more? Well, I decided that I would share them anyways. I need to hear someone tell me that, “Yes, we pay the same amount or thereabouts.” When I talk with people in my neighborhood, they just shake their head and say, “WOW.” Is our family the only family that pays this much? Are we doing something wrong? Is there another route we could take that wouldn’t cost so much? I just don’t understand why our medical coimages (10)sts are so high.

Well, here are our medical costs. My husband works for a small company so I know our medical coverage is higher than a person that works for a big company. We pay $1,153.18 per month for our family of four. This doesn’t count Kevin’s appointments with his pain management doctor. So, now we were at $1,253.18 per month. Could it get any worse? Yep!! Our insurance company refuses to cover one type of medication he needs, so now our total number adds up to $1,453.18. But wait, we aren’t done yet. We still have 4 prescriptions at $15 co-pays.

Our total monthly medical expenses:

  • Insurance Premium: $1.153.18
  • Kevin’s Doctor: $100.00
  • Kevin’s Medicine that is covered: $60
  • Medication they won’t cover: $200

Total: $1,513.18

Now, I know some will say, “Go to a different doctor.” Well, when Kevin made his first appointment, the office staff said that the doctor had submitted all the paperwork to our insurance company and that she should be recognized within the next 3 months. In the mean time, Kevin was forming a great doctor/patient relationship. Since our co-pay for a specialist is $60, we decided that an extra $40 was money well spent. Now, the medication you might ask. Well, the medication works! What else can we do? Without this medication, Kevin wouldn’t be able to work. So we weighed our options, 1.) pay another $200 per month or 2.) go on disability? We chose option number 1.

23269_384325296453_4359_nAfter paying this monthly bill for over a year, we realized that something needed to give; we were drowning in medical bills. A little while ago, we started looking into private insurance. After crunching numbers, we decided to take the kids and myself off of his companies plan and go the private route. Private insurance will cost $478.99 per month instead of his companies at $1,153.18. We still pay the other costs for a monthly total of $838.99. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Hypothryroidism last year so my new insurance plan won’t cover any “pre-existing” medical problems. My “pre-existing” was discovered 6 months ago! We buy my medicine for $25 per month and are crossing our fingers that I won’t have any serious issues with my thyroid.

I’m so upset because our daughter needs braces on her teeth and Kevin’s teeth are rotting because the medication causes dental problems. Unfortunately, we can’t afford the $500 down and $150 per month for braces or $3,500 to repair Kevin’s teeth. We aren’t saving to go on a vacation; we are saving in order to pay more medical bills.

I know soooooo many people are in the same boat and it is frustrating!! Why do we have to pay so much money? Why are we spending all this money to find out that doctor appointments and medications are not covered?

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