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How to start Using your Pain Management Tracker

When you run Pain Management Tracker for the first time, you must create a new database.  The database holds all the information you track in one simple file.  Don’t worry it’s easy to do and only requires a few steps.

imageStep 1: Load Pain Management Tracker by clicking on the program (PMT.exe) or the icon (health shield) on your desktop.

Step 2: After the program opens, select
File –> Database –> New.


imageStep 3: In the Save As Dialog box, select the location you want your data file (database) to be saved. Before clicking save, name the database. Any name will do, however, choose a name you will remember. I’ve saved my database as “pain data 2011.pmj”.


imageNow you should see this dialog box with the words “Database created successfully!”

*If any other dialog appears, please record the error and submit it to the forums for help.


imageStep 4: Now you can start tracking your pain information.  You will know your working with the right data file because the name will be displayed in the title bar of the window. Pain Management Tracker – pain data 2011.pmj


We will be adding more help and How-To’s on the site.  If there’s a specific topic you would like to see just let us know.