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Entries & Details

The data we track with PMT is done in the form of Entries and Details.  Each Entry is the base piece of information.  With that base you can add details to it.  Details include actions, medications used, mood, questions or side effects.

Select a sub-topic for more information about using each interface to enter data.

Base Entry
Holds your primary pain information, the date and time of the entry.  Your pain levels are listed as average, current, least and worst.

Sub Details
Your base entry lists the pain levels you are feeling at any particular time.  The sub details give you the tools to define why you feel you had those pain levels whether good or bad.  For example, perhaps in the morning your pain level was high as you noted in the journal because you slept wrong.  However in the afternoon the pain levels have gone down and you feel its because as an action you did stretching plus you had taken your medication.

Enter information explaining how your actions/activities have affected your pain level described in the Base Entry.

A general journal entry to go along with your pain levels.  It allows you to enter a subject as well as the body of information.  It can be searched using the find feature too!  A great way to vent your frustration on a hard day when no one else is listening.

Medications Used
Whether its your scheduled time to take your medications or your tracking your breakthrough pain and medication usage this sub detail will allow you to track every tablet or dosage.  It also allows you to track treatments that are not necessarily standard.

Chronic pain is a difficult battle, and keeping a positive attitude makes a difference.  By being honest about your mood on good days and bad you can really see over time what helps and what doesn’t.

Questions & Answers
As your time between visits progress questions may come up that you can find the answer too.  Just enter them here and then take them into your practitioner on your next visit and ask them there.  No question will be forgotten.

Symptoms & Side Effects
Medications and treatments unfortunately come with the good and the not so good.  Here you track what the side effects or other symptoms a treatment is causing.  This will allow you and your practitioner to way the value of any particular treatment and how effective it is compared to the side effects it may cause.

Are we missing a set of details that you feel are important?  If so please tell us in the forums!