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Action Entry Details

Different actions or things we do in life affect our chronic pain differently.  That’s where the Action sub-entry comes in.  Its used to help you track the actions you do on a daily basis and how they affect your pain.


The actions dialog is made up of four basic parts.

  1. Defining the action using the Category and Name.  These are free formed entries, meaning you can enter any two values here by just typing what you like and it will associate the two.  For example:

    When you select an previous category such as Physical here it will then pre-load the Name: drop down with any entries you previously associated with the category Physical. 


    So you can either select an existing action using the drop downs or enter a totally new set.

  2. The second part is the pain level slider.  You will notice that it starts in the middle and can go anywhere from –10 to 0 to +10.  When looking at your pain level at any given time it is scaled based on a 1 to 10.  Use the slider to show whether the action increases or decreases your pain levels.
  3. Duration is important in the understanding how an action affects you.  It might only take 30 minutes of a light workout to increase your pain by 4 points.  Whereas it may take three hours of sitting at rest to decrease your pain by 2 points.  Simply enter the time you put forth to the action here for the amount of change in your pain level.
  4. Finally the reference area gives you a spot to write details about this particular action entry.

The checkbox at the bottom “Continue adding actions…” will cause the action dialog to display again after you completed enter your information and clicking OK.  This is to help make it easier to enter multiple different actions at one time.

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