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Basic Entry

Your base entry is shown on the main interface of PMT.  It’s the section just below the toolbar shown here:


Its important that you fill in each of the values in the Pain Assessment group.  Your pain levels at any given time are an important part of understanding your pain.

When you create a new entry by using the new button on the toolbar image it will reset the date and time to now (the current time) and set your Type of Entry to the default you have configured in your Preferences.  It will also set your Pain Assessment values with averages over time.

Date and Time can be adjusted should you wish to make an entry for a previous date or time that you missed. 

Type of Entry tells PMT which dialog to show after you complete entering your pain values.  If you select Medicine as shown here then after you enter your “pain level right NOW” it will show you the medication dialog so that you can choose the medications you used at this time.

Keep in mind you can use the Save toolbar icon at anytime to save your entry.  Otherwise, PMT will automatically save your entry when you are done entering your pain levels (when you leave the the blank box asking “What is your pain level right NOW?”).