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Medication or Treaments Used

In order to manage our pain we use various medications and treatments.  The medications detail can be used to help track how much of a specific medication or treatment you used at any particular time during the day.  With Pain Management Tracker you can keep detailed records of your medicines or treatments used.  An invaluable resource when it comes to communicating with your physician about how a treatment is working for you.

To access the medications details screen right click on the entry, and choose Details and then Medicines as shown here:


From here you will enter one of two screens.  If you have never entered any medicines for this particular pain entry, then you will be taken directly to the medicine entry dialog.


The medicine entry screen is meant to be quick.  First, know that you can use your Tab key to move to the next field.  Second you can select your medicine from the drop down.  If you haven’t done so you setup your medicines/treatments in the Medicine Cabinet.  You can reach it from the Tools menu or by clicking on the Green Book icon on the toolbar.

Once you select your medicine, it will prefill the dosage, quantity and description for you.  If you want you can add more details about this particular dosage you are taking by simply changing the description.  If you need to enter more then one medicine simply check the ‘Continue adding medicines…” and it will cause the screen to immediately re-appear after you enter this existing medicine.

For quick time saver doing multiple entries if you’re a keyboard person, you can use the following keystrokes.  Select your medicine, press Tab key 5 times, press space bar to select that you want to add more medicine, and then press enter to complete that medication entry.

Otherwise if you have already added medicines, you will be showing a dialog that lets you pick which medicine you want to edit, or let you choose to add more medicines.


If you pick to edit an existing medicine, then when you hit OK it will load that medicine into the Medicine Entry box so that you can adjust the entry as necessary.


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