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Medicine Cabinet

In order to manage your medicines and treatments efficiently we have given you a medicine cabinet.  Here you can enter all your medicines and treatments.  Then when you go through your entries each day it will be very easy to just select which medicine or treatment you are using.  The medication entry dialog will auto fill the fields with the information you enter here.

When we say or you see the term Medicine or Medication, know you can also add an item such as Acupuncture that happens 1 time per week.  Or perhaps therapeutic massage that you receive 2 times per week.  If you find the form is not accommodating your medicine or treatment, please let us know in the forums.

You can access the medicine cabinet either from the Tools menu or via the toolbar as shown here:


Once activated, the Medicine Cabinet screen looks like this.


Here you can add, edit or delete medications and treatments.

New Medication
Select the New button so that the Prescription form will be reset and cleared.  Now you can enter the details of your medication.  Enter the name.  That is followed by the size of the dosage.  For instance you can type in the 100 and then select MG from the drop down for a 100mg tablet. 


As shown here once you choose Tablet or some other form, it will fill in more of the entry in to help complete the prescription being described.

Make sure to include the amount of tablets you are supposed to take on the field labeled Take.  Include the maximum allowed because when you take the medicine in the Medicine Entry screen you can always choose a lower amount.  You then specify how often you are to take the medicine.  You choose the number after the word every and then use the drop down to specify if its every hour, day, week, etc.  Finally the Quantity section is to help manage the total amount of medicine you are given per prescribing period.  This is a key part in helping you manage your medication and quantities available.

Finally you can use the URL area to hold a link to where you might get more information on your medicine or treatment.  Finally you can give a description of your medicine, how it should be used, or any other notes that you deem necessary.  These notes will be copied into the Medicine Entry form.  You can also use it as a template to remind you to enter some information whenever you take the medicine.

Edit Medication
Select the medicine from the list and it will load itself into the Prescription form.  From here you can make any changes that you need.  When you are done simply press the Save button to have your changes saved.

Delete Medicine
Select the medicine from the list.  Once its loaded into the Prescription form, simply press the delete button.  After a confirmation from you it will delete the medicine.

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