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Reports are Here!


Today, We are proud to release version 2.1.1 of Pain Management Tracker!  It’s a big update with a much anticipated set of reporting features.  With this version, based on your entries, you can now generate up to six different types of graphs.  Plus, you can print out your graphs/reports which allows you to physically hand them over to your physician.


Further, if you find you want to analyze your data even beyond what our graphs do, you can!  Simply export that data from any one of our reports and open it straight into Excel, Open Office, or even Google Docs!  Once your data is exported, you can manipulate the information in ways that work best for you.

Also, we have added a new way to register your copy that  is easier, cheaper, and takes only a few simple steps.  For less then a co-pay you can start taking charge of your chronic pain in a whole new way.

What are you waiting for? Download it NOW!

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